Blogging to Build Your Hygiene Department

Dental consultants say that your hygiene department should account for about 30% of your practice’s profits. How does yours measure up? If you aren’t at 30% or greater, your dental practice is one of the many that needs to improve in this area. I want to recommend that you use your blog in this effort.

How can blogging improve your hygiene department?

There are so many wonderful reports available to us today about the effect of gum disease on whole health. In addition, the mere fact that up to 80% of Americans have some level of gum disease means that education is imperative. Education can bring you new hygiene patients.

Consider asking your hygienist to post weekly, or even monthly, blogs about her real-life cases. She might write about a fearful patient who has not been to the dentist in years, and who found an ultrasonic cleaning to be the key to returning to regular dental care. She may post something about a child whose gums were affected by an asthma inhaler — or an elderly patient who lost teeth due to gum disease. She could post tips for homecare and reviews of oral care products. She could post news about dental hygiene research or new techniques used in your office.

People LOVE to read first-person blogs, and they depend on you and your staff to be the experts who provide sound, relevant information about oral healthcare.

The hygienist’s blogs will naturally have keywords that make her blogs rank high on search engine results pages for dental care, dental hygiene, dental cleaning, gum disease, and periodontal disease.

At MDPM, we will be happy to write and post hygiene blogs on behalf of your hygienist. She can simply send us an email with the information she wants to share, and we’ll compose and post the information. Posting blogs is easy, and WordPress is extremely user friendly. If your hygienist enjoys writing and would like to post her own blogs, we’ll provide free instruction over the phone.

In this economy, it’s important to look at hygiene as a significant income source for your practice. Blogging is an unbelievably reasonably priced, yet highly effective, way to market your hygiene department.