Sucking Up to Professor Google, and Star Student Google Instant, is Good for Business

If you’ve not heard of Google Instant, you’ve probably at least experienced it. Google Instant is the new way that search engine results pages (SERPs) generate. Apparently, people type more slowly than they read, so Google Instant will, ultimately, save us a ton of time.

Have you noticed, as you type a keyword phrase into Google Search, the SERPs change? The Adwords and other page results also change. (Spelling is corrected automatically, too.) Google is trying to anticipate what you want so that you don’t have to spend as much time typing. A dropdown bar appears below the search bar, guessing at the full keyword phrase you’re searching for. If you see the correct phrase in the dropdown, you simply click it, and you save a few seconds of typing.

Now, long-tail keyword phrases, meaning those that are long on the end, may not be as effective. Because Google Instant has so much going on while a potential patient is typing, he may become sidetracked at “New Jersey smile” and never get to “New Jersey smile makeover dentist,” your best search term.

SEO expert Christina Keffer of LunaMetrics says that title tags will become more important, and people may begin putting more focus on traffic results than on ranking results. This means, the number of people visiting your site may become more relevant than the SERPs lineup for a particular keyword phrase.

Another SEO expert at TechnoBuffalo states: “If your business has a Google Place, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a regular web site that is SEO optimized and uses other location based check in services like Foursquare and Yelp, you should still see your business popping up close to the top.” To Modern Dental Practice Marketing, this is good news. We loved Google Caffeine, we love Google Instant, and our clients reap the benefits. MDPM creates and manages Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, and blogs for dentists and small businesses. The TechnoBuffalo statement shows us that if we do extra credit on the Internet, we’ll get special treatment from Professor Google. And that’s good for business.