Two Months and Modern Dental Practice Marketing Clients are On Page One of Google

Yesterday we talked about backlinks for your dental website. Today, I want to explain how a dental blog will – yes WILL – improve your Google rankings. There’s no question of whether it will happen. Unless you have the number-one spot for all the keywords you want to be found for, a dental blog will help.

The blog itself may not be on top of the SERPs (search engine results pages), but it could be. The blog will, however, improve your custom dental website’s rankings.

Three examples from this morning’s searches:

  • Google “cosmetic dentist Chicago,” and our client’s dental website comes up on page one. Her website, which we did not build and do not host, didn’t have this ranking until we began writing frequent, search engine optimized dental blog posts that point to the client’s custom website.
  • Google “stop snoring Livonia,” and our client’s blog on dental sleep medicine comes up number one in the SERPs.
  • Google “Dallas cosmetic dentist” or “Dallas laser dentist,” and an MDPM client’s main dental website, again not a website we built, comes up on page one. The backlinks from the blog we did build and do maintain help boost the main dental website’s placement in SERPs.
  • Google “general dentist broken arrow,” and another MDPM client appears on page one.
  • Let’s do one more. Google “dental blog writing,” and Modern Dental Practice Management is number one. We’ve been in business for just over two months, and our domain name is only three months old.*

So here’s the 411 on why it works:

  • Google loves news (ie: blogs)
  • Google loves original content
  • Google loves backlinks

We just give Google what it loves.

And why isn’t every dental website company in the world doing the same thing? Excellent question! I worked for another custom dental website company for four years as the copy director, so I know the answer.

Because it takes talented writers who are trained in both dentistry and search engine optimization. And they, my friend, are hard to come by.

Writing isn’t that hard. It’s easy for most folks, especially since we communicate by email and text every day. Writing is actually a hobby for a lot of people. But writing interesting, keyword-rich blogs day in and day out is a job…a career for our dental blog writers. Our writers love what they do.

If you have a dental blog, need a dental blog, or need a custom dental website and blog combo, give us a call. We offer affordable packages that, as you’ve learned, get results. If you want to stick your toe in the water, or if you want to drown your competition, MDPM can make it happen. Call us today at 972-781-8861 and talk to Jill about our Internet marketing packages. We’re in the business to make dentists smile!

*This is not fine print. It’s in the same size font as the rest of the article. You need to know, not everyone will have these amazing results, but we’ll work our fingers to the bone for you! Some factors we have no control over are the number of competitors for a particular keyword phrase and the quality of the competitor’s SEO; the quality and age of your domain name; how often you choose to let us write blogs for you; the topics you allow us to write about; and that’s really about it. We don’t make you sign away your firstborn. You can stop working with us on a whim, if you like. We know that once you see the results and value of our dental blogs and custom websites, you’ll be on board for the long haul.