Don’t Get Stuck in the Blog Fog

Oh fog! Oh fog!
What do I see?
Nothing! Nothing!
I can’t even see me!

“Fog” by Andrew D. Robertson

The blog fog can be blinding. Whether you become immersed in blogging, and you lose sight of the rest of your marketing goals, or you can’t see where to begin with blogging, it’s easy to get lost. I want to give you some fog lights to help along the way.

In my years of blogging about dentistry and for dentists, I’ve found four stereotypes – outside of those who blog well and regularly. I hate to call anyone a stereotype. You are all special individuals, but when it comes to blogging, most of you fit into one of these profiles. Don’t be offended. Be practical.

  • I want to blog, I do. But I have no time!
  • I can write. I graduated with my doctorate, remember?
  • I’ll do it, but I have no clue what to write about.
  • I blog right now. Well, not as regularly as I used to. Actually, I need to set aside some time this week…

I want to blog, I do. But I have no time!

These dear dentists are truly swamped. They’re at that crucial edge of explosive success. The practice keeps the dentist and associates busy, and then there are CEs to attend, lectures to present, employees to train and encourage. The responsibility of blogging will tip the scales and cause more important things to slip through the cracks.(“More important” being relative.) Busy dentist, please remember: if you want to grow your practice OR your speaking business, you have to market. You need to blog.

Solution:  The good news is, MDPM copywriters have been writing blogs for dentists and industry experts for years. So you don’t have to write your blog. We can do it for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll find a blogging solution that works for your needs.

I can write. I graduated with my doctorate, remember?

You probably wrote a sensational thesis. But when was the last time you wrote a casual article that reads on an 8th grade level? Blog writing is worlds apart from professional writing. Sure, the same letters, spelling rules, and grammar are used, usually. In causal writing, you should write like your patients speak (not necessarily like you speak). They start sentences with conjunctions; they don’t know what a semicolon is for; they end sentences in prepositions; and some of their sentences aren’t sentences at all – they’re phrases. If you can take it down about 10 notches and compose casual, informative, easy-to-digest articles that make you look like an expert, but not a professor, then you’re good. If you can’t break away from the professional writer inside, get a writer.

Solution: Hire a copywriter. Sure, I want you to call MDPM to do your blogging. But if you want to look locally for a writer, please learn from my experience. I’ve interviewed, trained, and managed dental copywriters for years. The best of the best are stay-at-home moms whose kids are in school. These women will learn dentistry they way you want them to learn it. They have no preconceived notions because they aren’t dental professionals. They have experience in technical writing and marketing copywriting. They know SEO. They don’t have many clients, so they’ll take time for you. If you find a writer you like, but he or she needs training, call me. I’ll coach your blogger.

I’ll do it, but I have no clue what to write about.

This is actually the best scenario. You have time, you have desire, you have know-how. All you need is fodder. I recommend you find the websites of regional and national health publications and bookmark them for quick reference. From Modern Hygienist to Space Coast Parent to Martha Stewart Living, magazines have writers who’ve done the hard work for you. They know the hot topics that will sell copies (which will, in turn, sell advertising — the real moneymaker). They’ve researched and presented information in an easy-to-understand format. All you have to do is find a topic you think your patients will like, then rethink and rewrite the article as a blog post. Do not copy the article. That’s plagiarism, and you know it. Google hates plagiarism and so do I. Instead, consider how you can spin the article from a dental or oral health perspective, then go for it. Make it your own! If you need help getting started, get a writing coach.

Solution: You can call me to coach you with writing blogs, or you can choose to share the responsibility. You write the blogs, then the MDPM copywriters edit, optimize, and post them for you. We’ll add hyperlinks and a photo. Contact MDPM about shared blogging or blog coaching.

I blog right now. Well, not as regularly as I used to. Actually, I need to set aside sometime this week…

You’ve heard that, as the dentist, you need to be the person who writes blogs for your practice. In an ideal world, that is absolutely true. The professional marketers and writers who push this concept are right on target. You, however, are not a professional marketer or writer. You’re a dentist. And while you may have learned how, what, and why to blog, and you’re really great at it, the actual task of blogging can fall by the wayside.

Solution: Shared blogging may work for you. This means you write some, send them to MDPM, and we’ll edit and post them. Then, on a very regular schedule, we can write blogs for you. This way, whether you blog or not, good, keyword-rich blogs are going up like clockwork. You’ll accumulate a large archive, which is great for SEO, and your blog subscribers will know that you’ve not moved on to other things. You’re still blogging. Contact MDPM about shared blogging.

The Fog
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Oh fog! Oh fog!
What do I see?
Nothing! Nothing!
I can’t even see me!

Oh fog! Oh fog!
Why are you so mean?
Go away! Go away!
Just let me be me!

Oh fog! Oh fog!
What can I say?
You’ve painted this morning
A thick shade of grey.

Oh fog! Oh fog!
What can I do?
I’m goin on home,
But I’ll walk with you.

Andrew D Robertson