Dental Website Design: 5 Tips for Conversion

If you feel like you’ve invested money and time in Internet marketing, and you’re still waiting for the return, consider this old adage…

You can lead a horse to water, but you just can’t make him (or her) drink.

Add a little sugar, however, and a horse has an incentive to rehydrate.

IT and Internet marketing professionals often focus on traffic statistics and search engine rankings, but that’s just part of the picture. All the web traffic in the world means nothing to your dental practice unless some of those visitors become patients. So how can you entice your site visitors to schedule an appointment? It’s going to take time… someone’s time. You can do these things yourself, or you can call me at Modern Dental Practice Marketing to do them for you.

  1. Make contact and scheduling more than easy, make it a pleasure. – In plain sight, (above the fold) your website should list your phone number and email address. When a potential patient takes the initiative to call your office, someone better be there to answer the phone enthusiastically and make scheduling easy. If a potential patient emails you, someone better respond to that email with a call and a return email the same day – within minutes, if possible. You must be responsive, friendly, and helpful.
  2. Keep the content fresh. – Much of your website content shouldn’t change, but it’s important that your site look fresh all the time. The brand and message should remain a constant. However, the intriguing information should be fluid, as well as relevant. A potential patient may visit your site many times before making contact. Your regularly updated content shows that you’re interested and involved in dentistry, and in people. A dental practice blog is a great way to show patients you’re on top of your game (and search engines love blogs, as well).
  3. Hook up on other levels. – The days of impersonal Yellow Pages advertising are over. People want to be served by professionals who are genuinely interested in life. Your dental website should include a link to your Facebook, Twitter, and blog pages. By becoming your fan or subscriber, a potential patient begins the process of learning about you and your philosophy for business, your attitude, and your approach to life. You become a real person rather than an advertisement. Take this to the next level by interacting with your social media fans, or by responding to comments on your blog. Keep it real!
  4. Strut your stuff. – On your blog site, Facebook profile, and primary website, you should show off a little bit. Not with your own words. That’s conceited. Instead, provide before-and-after photos and patient testimonials, in written or video format. Keep in mind, you have to separate yourself from other dentists. Sure, they’re your peers, but they’re also your competitors. On the Internet, you can show and tell potential patients what they can expect from doing business with you. Your CV or bio tells folks what you’ve done for YOU. They want to know what you’ll do for THEM.DID YOU KNOW? About 70% of web users believe online reviews.
  5. Appeal to their emotions. – If you’re a general dentist, the one demographic you need to appeal to is moms. Mothers decide who the family dentist will be. So give moms something that makes them feel appreciated. Let them know you understand their hard work and busy lives. Converting a mom could be as simple as offering a $50 spa gift certificate to new patient families who book 3 or more visits at one time…. For more ideas, you’ll have to call me.

These five things can lead to conversions – new patients. And that’s what web marketing is all about: driving targeted patients to your website, then making them active members of your patient base.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about using the Internet to retain patients.

If you want a strong online presence, but you don’t have the time…

If you want a strong online presence, but you don’t know where to start…

If you want a strong online presence because your current efforts have fallen flat…

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