Computers for Marketing IN the Dental Practice

Don’t you love technology? Chairside monitors in the operatories let you show your patients digital images, like radiographs and smile previews. Patients can watch educational videos right in the dental chair. Then, in the front office, computers make filing and transferring records sooo much easier. Even submitting insurance claims is more convenient because of technology.

But what about marketing? Sometimes it may seem like technology has made marketing more difficult.

One struggle dentists face is with social marketing. Acquiring fans, followers, and subscribers can be nearly impossible, given the busy schedules that you and your patients maintain. And as for testimonials…who has time?

What if you used computers to make social networking
and testimonial submissions easy for your patients?

Here’s the concept.

Buy two laptops—the cheap ones that are under $300.

Put one in your most active treatment room.  This will be your social networking laptop. Save your Facebook, Twitter, and Blog pages as homepages. Every morning, simply open the laptop, open your browser, and set the laptop on the counter.

Put a little sign beside it that says, “Hey, you! Yeah, you! Will you be our friend/fan/ subscriber? Pleeeeeese? It’s okay. Use me  ;-)!”

Then, at the checkout desk, place another computer. This is your testimonial computer. Save Google Places, Yelp!, and MerchantCircle as homepage tabs. Again, turn on the computer and open the browser every morning.

This computer’s note should say, “So how was it? Wait, don’t tell me. Type it. We want your testimonial online! Thank you so so much!!!”

Your notes don’t have to be as goofy as mine. But make them memorable.

You might also do a monthly drawing to reward patients for their participation. For instance, when someone leaves a testimonial, they can automatically be entered into a drawing for a Sonicare toothbrush, free teeth whitening kit, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Post the winner on your Facebook Fan Page and on your blog. See how this all works together?

Blogs, social networking, and online testimonials are great for search engine optimization, so they’re great for your marketing strategy. Have questions? Email me!

Are you smiling yet?