The Life of a Dental Blog Post

I often post about how wonderful blogs are for your dental marketing strategy. But what I’ve not yet told you is where blog posts go… Why are they so important?

Your blog posts last forever. They never die.

When we publish a post on your MDPM blog site, we include keywords in the text, then we assign tags that help search engines understand the purpose of the post. This is the birth of the blog.

Your post can be published to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. The announcement on these social networking sites will link back to the post on your blog website. This is the toddler stage of the blog. It’s beginning to talk, walk, and socialize.

The blog website itself is submitted to the three major search engines, and many others. In addition, sitemaps pings by WordPress tell search engines about updates. Now the blog is in public school. It’s a number in the system, and its success will be a direct result of how good it is and how hard it works.

You blog is also indexed in WordPress’s gobal tag pages for more publicity. College.

And, as I’ve said before, blogs are considered news by search engines. They have more potential for ranking high than do traditional website pages.

Furthermore, consistently blogging gives your site an advantage in a few ways: new content keeps the site fresh and attractive to search engines; all blog posts are indexed and become pages on your site, making the site grow with every post. A site with lots of rich content (text) is very attractive to search engines. This is the adult phase of a blog’s life. It becomes part of a bigger world, a large community of blogs that work together for the benefit of all. And from this point, the blog lives forever, neatly tucked into its home on your website.

So that’s what happens to the blog posts, but keep in mind, MDPM does a lot of legwork to draw traffic to your blog, as well. For example, we use local listings sites, rss feed sites, and press releases to boost your traffic.

If you have a strategic mind, you may be thinking, Why are they giving away all their secrets? Truth is, everything we do for our clients can be done by you for free (or near free). The service we provide at MDPM is using our knowledge and experience to do all the work for you. From creating your blog site to posting keyword-rich blogs to building and creating your social networking presence—we do it on your behalf. So, while you’re working hard to keep your patients and staff happy, we’re working hard to get grow your practice.

Sound good? Give us a call or email Anyone on our team will be pleased as punch to answer your questions or talk about a marketing plan that’s right for your dental practice. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we’re in the business to make dentists smile!