5 Tips for Orthodontist Websites

People know a lot about technology these days, but they don’t necessarily know a lot about orthodontics. In an instant, they can go online and Google just about anything, though. So what can your orthodontic website have that other sites don’t offer?  If you want potential patients to like your website (and call your office, then become a patient), your site must interest them. Our team at Modern Dental Practice Marketing would love to create your amazing dental website blog—one that will score you many new patients–but feel free to provide these tips to your webmaster if you already have a site.

1. Make the About Us Page More About Them than You
Moms, dads, and kids generally don’t know much about orthodontics. What they do know is that they need your services, according to their trusted family dentist. So make life easy for them. On your About the Team webpage, offer more than biographical sketches. Provide a short Q&A section with questions like, What is an orthodontist?, What is an orthodontic assistant?, and Who can answer my financial questions? You might also include whether each team member has worn braces.

2. Keep the Services Page Simple, Informative, and Easy to Read
Benefits, benefits, benefits. It’s all about what’s in it for the patient. Provide a list of brief explanations about your services. Include a list of benefits, FAQs, and a fact or tip. The newest, most impressive treatments should be near the top of the page, with traditional orthodontics at the bottom. Along with your main services, include additional pages with care and maintenance instructions for retainers, recipes for orthodontic patients, and other appropriate topics. These pages provide great info for patients, and they’ll help with SEO for your website (make your site rank better on Google).

3. Use Lots of Great Photos and Videos
People love pictures and videos, and with digital photography, you can capture great images without spending a bundle. Invest in a nice digital camera and video recorder, and keep them handy in the office. Make it a habit to take before-and-after pictures, snapshots of kids having fun in your office, and videos of patients looking in the mirror after their braces are removed. Video testimonials are wonderful, as well. On video, parents can describe how easy their experience was with your office, and kids can talk about how going to the orthodontist is actually fun.  (Dental patient testimonials are discouraged in Texas by the TDA.)

4. Include a Before-and-After Gallery of Your Favorite Cases
This should be a rule for every dentist, whether a specialist or general practitioner. You may not have any photos when your website or blog initially launches, but you can accumulate case photos pretty quickly. Just keep your digital camera nearby and snap away every day. Send the photos to your web designer, and they can be posted immediately. Be sure to include descriptions of the cases and headshots of the patients. (Check with your lawyer for legal releases to use with patients.)

5. Keep Up with the Times, Doc!
This is harsh, but true, so take a deep breath. Regardless of your age, your patients are young people, not senior citizens. Your website should appeal to these kids and their smart, snappy, busy parents. Facebook, blogs, and interactive media are much more impressive to this crowd than links to old-school video games they conquered when they were in Pull-Ups. It’s time you get in the game.

Instead of putting a tired arcade page on your website, have someone in your office get involved with social networking. (Modern Dental Practice Management offers training on social networking.) Post articles on topics that contemporary minded kids would enjoy, like movie stars and rock stars who have worn braces, how a nice smile can improve your earning potential after college, and what Invisalign Teen can do for the cool kid’s image.

Your dental website blog from Modern Dental Practice Marketing will include a smart phone application free. This means, your tech-savvy patients with iPhones and Droids, as well as their parents, can visit your website on their phone whenever they like.

BONUS TIP: If you have incentive programs and prizes for your young patients, be sure to include pictures, explanations, and information on how the programs work.

SECOND BONUS TIP: Include a page for referring dentists on your website. It should include a brief, personal note from you about integrity and patient relationships, as well as information on how general dentists can submit records electronically to your office. Include the name of the front desk person on your staff who is in charge of building referral relationships.

Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing today at 972-781-8861 to discuss an effective, profit-producing dental website blog for your practice. If you prefer, email us at info@moderndentalmarketing.com. We’re in the business to make dentists–and orthodontists–smile!