Shape Up Your Dental Blog Website for Better Conversion

You can spend tons of your hard-earned money on SEO marketing and an awesome website, and it may yield great traffic statistics. However, if you don’t get conversions—qualified patients coming into your dental practice to spend money—what’s the point? It’s like buying a yacht you’ll never use. At MDPM, we will find you the right patients, and we’ll entice them to love you. After all, you are lovable, right? People just have to know who you are! They need to see that you’re providing what they want.

Is your website or blog easy to navigate? KISS, KISS! You know what that means. Keep it simple, silly! A long list of pages down the side of your website can seem overwhelming. Instead of a bazillion pages in the navigation, or even worse, obnoxious dropdown menus, think of your website as an onion. Put the main topics in your navigation, then let potential patients peel down the layers, page by page, to learn as much—or as little—as they want. Search engine spiders crave the content, but most people don’t. You can have the best of both worlds.

Is your website or blog friendly, concise, and straightforward? People don’t want clinical mumbo jumbo from their dentist. They want someone who really cares about their health, budget, and goals. They want the facts. They want someone they can relate to and trust. That’s you, right?

Does your blog feature content that will make people return? One of the things we really push is community, community, community. Your patients come from your community. Keep those moms and dads loyal by giving them what they need: family-fun events in your area, free stuff for kids, kudos to the winning football team, or print outs for their kids to color on vacation. The more your patients see your brand, the more likely they’ll be to refer friends and neighbors to your office.

What makes you different? You and your practice have a unique selling point, something different and awesome that people will love…once they know about it. The MDPM marketing experts will come in with Sherlock Holmes hats on and big magnifying glasses. We’ll search out your unique selling point, then pull it out into the spotlight to make people love you.

Is your contact information readily available with one click from every page? It’s kinda sad, but people want everything yesterday. They want it fast! A basic must for all marketing materials, whether online or in print, is obvious contact information. Your email link, phone number, and address should be big and in-their-face, so they don’t have to work to find you.

Want a free analysis? No problem. Call 972-781-8861 today, and we’ll provide you with a complete analysis of your site’s conversion potential, along with ways to improve your presence for patients who live or work near your office. We’re in the business to make dentists smile, so give us a call. We serve dentists and dental specialists in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, from Southlake and Grapevine to from Frisco and Murphy.